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Dr. Chirayu Chokshi

Gastroenterologist & Endosonologist

Dr. Nilam Chokshi

Eye Sugeon

Dr. Dhaval Dave

MD DNB (Gastro)

Case Studies

  • Female presented with pancreatitis

    63 year old female presented with pancreatitis before six weeks. At present she had pain abdomen On CT scan she had a 13 x 10 cm Pseudocyst with minimal debris EUS guided drainage was done and stent placed.

  • Female presented with pain Abdomen and Jaundice

    63 year female presented with pain abdomen and jaundice. Usg confirmed dilated bile duct and gall stone ENdosonography was done to confirm presence of stones in bile duct and in same sitting ERCP was done to remove the stones in the bile duct.

  • Center for Medical Technology Innovation

    Hypertensive Female with Family History of Glaucoma

    A 52 years old diabetic, hypertensive female with family history of glaucoma ( called as " mitho zamar" in gujarati) to her grand mother and 2 elder sisters. Patient had no symptoms as it was diagnosed on routine eye check up.

  • Center for Medical Technology Innovation

    Male with Blurring of vision in both eyes

    A 60 year old male patient poorly controlled diabetes, came with blurring of vision in both eyes. Below are the OCT images of both the eyes showing Macular edema ( fluid collection in central part of retina) with multiple hemorrhages. Patient was advised retinal laser.

  • Center for Medical Technology Innovation

    Dimness of vision in right eye since 2 weeks

    A 43 year old female, with no any major systemic illness, came to us with complain of dimness of vision in right eye since 2 weeks. Her vision in right eye was around 25 %. Her retinal examination showed fluid around macula, which was confirmed on OCT as CSR.

  • Center for Medical Technology Innovation

    Achalasia Cardia : POEM

    60 year short statured female with copd had dysphagia EGD Scopy confirmed a aperistaltic esophagus with classical ‘give way’ at the esophago gastric junction.

  • Center for Medical Technology Innovation

    Dysphagia in Post Operative Case

    MR AS,male /55 yr was operated for distal gastrectomy for carcinoma stomach 7yrs back.He had recurrence 12 months back when he got total gastrectomy with roux-en-y esophageal-jejunal anastomosis. The jejunum was made into a J-shaped using staplers and anastomosed.

  • Nutritional Personal Consultation

    Recurrent Pancreatitis in a Young Male

    Case referred for evaluation of pancreatitis in a young non alcoholic male with normal spiral CT scan abdomen and MRCP He had 5-6 admissions for pain in abdomen with gastroenterologist of surat.

  • Nutritional Personal Consultation

    Burning in Upper Parts of Chest

    A 55 year female was referred for burning in upper part of chest for one month.There was no complaints of difficulty in swallowing or weight loss.On gastroscopy

  • Nutritional Personal Consultation

    Pain in Abomen with Normal Liver

    45 year female presented with complaints of pain in abomen with normal liver function test and ultrasound showing dilated bile duct with 10 mm stone in the lower part.Patient has no complaints of fever or back pain.

  • Nutritional Personal Consultation

    Pancreatic Ductal stricture with Stone

    A 63 year male diabetic patient had complaints of pain abdomen with radiation to the back.He was investigated with MRCP showing a 5mm main pancreatic duct with stone in the neck and upstream dilatation.The pancreas was atrophic.CBD,GB were normal.

  • Nutritional Personal Consultation

    Anemia and Bleeding per Rectum

    52 year male alcoholic cirrhosis of liver secondary to NASH was having anemia and bleeding per rectum due to portal gastropathy.


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