Dimness of vision in right eye since 2 weeks

A 43 year old female, with no any major systemic illness, came to us with complain of dimness of vision in right eye since 2 weeks. Her vision in right eye was around 25 %. Her retinal examination showed fluid around macula ( central most part of our retina which is responsible for central vision), which was confirmed on OCT as CSR.( central serous retinopathy). On eliciting further relevant history, it was found that she lost her young son in road accident 2 months back, which stressed her and let to this condition.

Thus stress is one of the most important and most common risk factor for CSR. Other risk factors also include :

Diabetes, hypertension, long use of steroids, obesity, pregnancy, any autoimmune diseases etc.

The next picture shows complete absorption of fluid and normal retina as before after 2 WEEKS of Non- Surgical treatment. Her vision had returned to 100%.