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" I come in contact of Dr. Chirau Chokshi in year 2004 when my friend Mr. Gautam Vora (medical representative) referred him for 2nd opinion for repetitive episodes of pancreatitis and hospitalization. He had just 1year of practice at that time but was full of knowledge. He asked me to do stenting in pancreas which we did and had relived pain for 3 yrs but finally in yr 2007 he suggested pancreatic jejunostomy for permanent solution which I did on 15 dec 2007. After surgery I am enjoying my life without any pain or any episode of pancreatic pain. I am leaving my normal life like any other healthy human being. During this period we started swimming together in evening and came very close to Dr. Chirayu as he has saved my life by guiding a correct path as he has a habit of looking for the well being of not only his patients but also to the people surrounding him. He is a good human 1st, well wisher, good friend, always keeping update with new development in his field. He is gift from god to a society as both (Mr.& Mrs.) Dr’s are working, serving ,and helping the society as a whole. Till now I had sent many of my friends and relatives to him and he has always helped them and given the best advise not only that he also keep follow up with the patients for the feedback. I wish him all the success in the life and pray to god to give him strength to serve the society. "

Paresh A. Rastey(09824326422)