Female high myopes minus numbers of spectacles with left eye lazy eye non working eye

Female presented with pancreatitis
October 14, 2019
DIABETIC male came with complain of decrease in vision in left eye
November 4, 2019

A 65 years old female (No diabetes or hypertension), high myopes (minus numbers of spectacles) with left eye lazy eye (non working eye) was operated for right eye cataract surgery. 1 month after surgery she had decreased vision in right eye. On examination of retina, it was found that she had macular edema ( water collection in RETINA shown by ARROW in picture 1, which can occur in some patients after surgery) Patient got tensed as it was the only working eye.

So on the same day a steoird injection was given in the eye along with drops and antioxidant tablets.

Then patient was followed up regularl and after 2 months the edema completely resolved as shown in PICTURE 2. Patient's vision returned to 100%.

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